Battlefield Vietnam weapon props

[release]Here i have almost every weapon from BFV, ive had them done for a while now but with moving and such i havent had the time to upload.
I was making more such as vehicles and stuff but just dont have the time to do it now so im releasing what i do have.
Also keep in mind the are NOT sweps, just props.[/release]

Onto some pictures:

This image is pretty dated, they where really tiny but i upped their size.

And for the interested here is a link for the sounds

Fucking brilliant.
Those Punji sticks, M79, Strella and basically everything there will be incredibly useful

Glad you like them, and to be honest i almost skipped the stick. I though “A stick? who the hell would want a stick?” but i did it anyway for just in case.

“This file is being mirrored”

Well Piss!!

Looks fine to me, well still says download at your own risk but it doesnt show it mirrioring. anyone else getting that?

I am, the only reason while you’re being able to download it is because your the uploader.

File Removed, So sad.


OK, that one’s been reported to. Either you have a very devoted, possibly insane arch-nemesis, or something in the file is making it auto-flag as bad.

Do you have any of the following file types in there?:
.zip (besides the one you uploaded - no nested zips)

no, its just the folder that has the material folder, model folder, their contents and an info.txt

Hmm… that does seem odd. Look through everything, see if you see something that might be considered suspicious.

I’ve had that problem before - I had included a .bat file for modders to use, and that was causing it to be flagged as dangerous. That’s obviously what’s happening, so I’d double-check what you’re uploading.

Well i got a file front link now:
ill go about .org once i fix it.

Extraordinary work! All this weapons will be very useful!

Now that Gmod is working again (As well as a mirror link), I can give these weapons that I’ve been waiting for a go :).

For some reason, they have an odd blue shine to them.

But other than that, awesome models! :smile:

Picture? They shouldnt be blue.

Are there bodygroups? Either way I’m still downloading, I’d just like to know before I start gmod.

No, i never got around to it and im strapped for time. Maybe one of these days.

Yeah im having that problem too

they look way too big