Battlefield3 Soviet Soldier


Tbh bf3 takes place a HELLA LONG TIME after the soviet union which was dissolved in 1991.

Nice pics anyway.

I know just kidding
and thanks! :smiley:

Hah, you wouldn’t know that from all the Russian bad guys in games these days, all invading America because COMMUNISM.

Generic…but nice editing.

the last one is really, really BF3-ish

wow, these are really good, artistic rating for you sir!

I really like that last picture, well done man.

first and second pictures remind me of a map called Death Valley.

Great job man! Loving the editing. They make great desktop wallpapers

To be fair, with Putin in charge, they are quickly headed back to their Soviet state.

Too bad DICE didn’t have balls to include Iran in the multiplayer as it is in the single player campaign.

…They really aren’t. Only those who watch Western media as an outlet for news would actually believe this.

Very much the above statement.

The picture is very well done. :slight_smile:

So you are telling me that Putin is fully endorsing an open democracy and not at all a totalitarian state?