Battlefild 2 Project Reality-Btr80 and Mi8

BTR 80 and mi8 of Battlefield 2 Project Reality.

there is:

-Bodygroup Skin (Desert,Woodland)
-destroyed models
-Bumpmap textures

Thank you Black Sand Studio for model! P.s - Soon to be in Workshop

Porting to Garrys mod,made by me (Blackflogger).

You should provide another downloadlink, since gamefront is blocked in most countries.
Feel free to PM me the files if you’d like to use my mediafire acc, I love everything with pr and ill protect it til my death.


Oh God, that smoothing…

What’s Battlefild? Never heard of it.

Looks nice.

Do the BTR’s have interiors?

>>Oh God, that smoothing…

Doing to be less irregularities

>>What’s Battlefild? Never heard of it.

Sorry,Fixed now! Thank you

>>Do the BTR’s have interiors?

Nope :C Black Sand Studio did not provide him

With some fixed smoothing these would be a lot better.

What’s with the blue crosses on white patches, though?

Russian Federation Navy emblem, I guess.

I never saw these “flags” on any picture of russian armed forces, but I guess it’s some kind of marine corps. Or naval ground troops, whatever.

This is a sign of Northern Fleet, Russian Navy. It means that BTR with that sign belongs to Northen Fleet unit of Naval Troops.

Fair enough, I thought it was a badly drawn finnish flag or something at first since it looks a bit out of place.

So… Are We going to get theese models? :pudge: