Battlefront 2 Beta - ALL MODELS AND TEXTURES

Per request by /u/GhostCR0 on reddit I will be posting everything I can probably starting with heads for the hell of it lol.

Reddit post of everything Ive found so far, it includes the head pictures -

Here is some models for the classes and rebel heads in the game, enjoy. They are texturless and different meshes, Im not very fluent here so hoefully yall can piece these together, I will release their textures later today. Enjoy everyone, also no venator in files just a single texture sorry. ALL FBX 2012 IN CENTIMETERS. Please request models ill post them if i can.

Models V 1.0:

is there a venator class star destroyer?, if so can you extract that one and the ARC-170 starfighter? :smiley:

post models in fbx 2012 and exported as centimeters, also why not just provide the tools?

Okay. We got a hq cad bane head. I’ll just download and try to play it then. On my toaster.

Guys if you know me and how i handle these games when they come out and how i release stuff don’t look at this thread and look in the Official thread.

Either me or BadHorse will have models out all this week.

Word to the wise this guy is trying to be a troll on here before he doesn’t like me much and wants to get Fame off of all of this.

Updated kinda messy sorry, but you guys are good at this :slight_smile:

Post this in the other thread Garrus.