Battlefront: Earth

Potential storyline for something greater.

Would you be willing to penetrate me?
That’s fucking awesome.

Have a spongebob

Anyways, my only complaint is that flash on his arm.

I like this very much

I sense from the title that you were trying to avoid connecting this to a shitty movie? :buddy:


God that movie blew balls.

Fuck ton of nasty stretching.

yeah the moron did a terrible job at compiling the models. it’s just about unfixable. i’m thinking i may go to my old routine and shop the helmets on myself, but that’s too much effort if I want to pump out pictures before losing motivation.

deal /w it


Stop trying to steal mah Hunter with your awesomely edited pictures (but ugly muzzleflash)

The Baker has returned.
That’s a muzzleflash? I thought it was the dude on the left getting hit in the arm.


Hunter is a woman.
(Damn not my automerge!)

I think the models look a bit too sharp but damn the posing and the colors of the pic are sexy.

While you were still learning how to ***SPELL YOUR NAME!

I was being taught… *to conquer **GALAXIES!!

***But I digress, coo pic.

Looks like he shot a sparkler and lit his buddy’s sleeve on fire :v:
But besides that it looks pretty cool. Models need some fixing for sure, and it looks like maybe a little clipping on the dude with the ODST helmet.
Like that you did the crazy sit back shooting style, even if it isn’t very tactical.

Thumb looks a tad weird but great overall.

but yes, besides the stretching, and the flash, I like this pic.

Really good quality and posing. But tell me. Is his arm on fire?

Those stretchy knee pads are yucky. That Marine is so kick ass he could keep his arm lifted even if it was singed by a plasma shot.