Jump in at around 2:23 since that was the tune playing in my head the whole time when I was doing this. resize.jpg Guardians resize.jpg

It’s good in some placed, but I noticed players you forgot to fingerpose and some other things.

I didn’t forget any finger posing.

those are cool birdmen

Might’ve been done on purpose, but it looks like you forgot to.

It was on purpose.

If that woman is indeed blocking a blow (as she seems to be) then wouldn’t it make more sense for her open palm to be positioned on the other side of the hilt? Basically to give her leverage to push back against the force of the blow.

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I make mention of this because blocking a blow the way she’s holding that thing now is a great way to get her own sword either smashing into her face or decapitating her.

Agree with what archangel said. Besides that it’s a sweet picture, I only wish it was bigger.

The angle kind of messed it up but the blow is coming downward instead of from the side like how it looks now. My bad for not making that clearer.

It could either be she made the strike and has an open hand so she can move the sword into the next strike or she has already counterd the attck and again is moving for her next attack or defense stance…or its just fancy flare fantasy style. But anyhoo, this is awesome stuff man.

loking good!

This is really good, man.

I spot Fiona in homebound suit :smiley:
Really great scene, posing, and mess.

Really nice posing. Looks very dynamic.

your posing and composition are getting so good that i just might off myself

are you happy now


First picture is really awesome. Though it lacks some motion blur and DOF.

I see motion blur as more of a stylistic choice than a necessity like lens flares.

But I’m with you 100% on the DoF.

Blur adds a nice effect of motion, drive. I add it cause I think that’s the only flaw in picture.