Battlement model request.

I am remaking de_cobble for CS:GO and I would like some help with models. I really hate to trash this section up even more with my request, but who else can I go to?

This request is fairly simple, I need some gothic battlements for my castles, so I don’t use up hundreds of brushes.

The battlements in this picture is what I was aiming for

The selected object in this picture, Is what I need to be a model. It doesn’t have to be too complex, just more detailed than what I have.

Pm me if you want to help. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just propper the brush work?

This is for CS:GO. Propper does not support CS:GO and porting a vmf back to source 2009 is a huge pain in the rear. Otherwise I would have.

You could just replicate the dimensions in a propper-supported version of Hammer and then port them back into CS:GO. You should even be able to have both versions of Hammer open at the same time to compare; at least I know Orange Box Hammer and L4D2 Hammer will both run at the same time.

I tried that, but the compiler kept crashing. It hates me. Ah well, I found a modeller who can help. Thanks anyways.