Well… here i am with my first gamemode: BattleRP (Just a name that popped up when i was making it)
-----The idea-----
You start by selecting combines or rebels.
When you kill someone from opposite team you get exp which you use to get new ranks. Ex. when you have 200 exp you get your first new rank and a new weapon.
Each time you get 200 exp you raise in rank and when you get a new rank you get new weapons.
Each time you get 100 exp you get a skill point which you can spend to get: Speed+, Hp+ or Jump+.
If you kill someone from your team you lose exp.

----The ranks----
Here’s the ranks (top is worst)
Private 0-200
Corporal 200-400
Sergeant 400-600
Officer 600-800
Major 800-1000
Captain 1000-1200
General 1200-1500
General+ 1500-2000
ÜberGeneral++++++ 2000+

----The weapons----
Well the weapons is mainly HL2 weapons but it is also only a beta version so…
Anyway HL2 weapons, HarpoonCannon and Drunkenmaster is the weapons

----What is NOT done yet----
I need someone who’s good or average at making scoreboards as i need to make a custom scoreboard for my gamemode.
It needs well… whatever YOU think it needs I will gladly take requests :smiley:

Tell me what you think of it

It’s a fun gamemode, you just need more sweps and a map :stuck_out_tongue:

More Weapons ( i can make some ), Abilities ( Amor+, Invisibility, shield, Healing teamplayer around you ect…) and Other Stuff

I know i need more weapons. We will replace current ones with real CS:S sometime also…
I’ve added Armor+ Invisibility is mebby possibly but shield is same as armor? Anyway team healer i don’t know about that


I have no pics but my community (Botbuilders) have a BattleRP server you might wanna visit

Okay… how is the RP? More like an RPG because of the ranks…

ranks should each have 1000 EXP to earn before they reached the next rank to make the ranking system more fun and takes more time to kill more people to make the game more fun.

Its pretty much a RPG. Not a roleplay. Theres a diffrence. Roleplay : Taking to other people and creating a virtual world that doesn’t exist. RPG : Get XP and ranks to become better at the game and pwn newbies.

You need to add bots/SNPCs to kill for less EXP, to keep a server alive with less people. A battle field like map would help too. I could try to make a map. You would just need to add some entities for mappers to use.

Also, why does the server have Wiremod, PCmod and PHX?

I think exponential based EXP requirements would be best (Level 1: 100 EXP, Level 2: 200 EXP, Level 3: 400 EXP, etc.).

Exactly, but this is hardly an RPG, either. I’d just call it Battle. Sounds simpler.

Ok guys… I will see what i can do. The reason server has Wire, PHX and PCmod2 is that server was Sandbox earlier and… we were to lazy to remove xD

You also need to fix the negative numbers skill points also didn’t Rago already made a map :P?

Change the name, I don’t enjoy playing an oxymoron.

It doesnt work when i try to host it.

you7 should make classes.
like with each rank u unlock a new class. like in hover skate only this time with classes.

for private make a saoldier class with certain weps no Special Abilities.
then for the next ranks make super soldier class:better guns,mor ammo,and new armor.
the u continue on.


also make it a lil like OE

Totally RP.

Try DarkRP and enable weapons.

Major is a higher rank than captain…

Also this sounds fun!

You should add more ranks though.

He probably abandoned this Gamemode.

I will add some new ranks if i get some suggestions of names and weapons that the rank will have.
I have been working on it and i can upload the newest version soon.