Battles of BLU [Interactive]

Yeah yeah blah blah another interactive. Point is, I’m new at posing and I decided that an interactive comic would be the perfect means to improve on my skills. As in, it WILL get better as we progress through the comic.

Choose three of the classes for this mission. There are obviously pros and cons to each team combination so choose wisely.

Also (as Spy has mentioned above,)everyone in the team right now can fight, but not as well as they could. Everything that one of the team does during a mission will contribute to their abilities (no stats, they will get better at the rate I see fit.)

Be the Medic class, and find a good heavy to charge into battle with.

And also have the Pyro backing you up.

3 Snipers. The outback is there place to shine.

Hmmm… This has potential…

Who glued a newspaper to Engie’s face?

The Scout did, that rascal.

I demand that is made into a plotline.

Yeah… just to make sure no one cries after seeing nothing (not.) I’m not going to leave it after the FIRST part. I’m just having trouble with posing TF2 ragdolls. Yes I have those so-called fixed phy. files, but I just can’t pose right with them.

P.S. when I try to pose a guy standing up his back looks arched back and his torso sticking out. What do I do to fix this :hurr:

There’s a middle part you gotta pose.

I also find that ragdolls tend to stick their arses out while you pose. Sometimes you need to tuck those buttocks in with a friendly pat from your physgun.

Choose the Spy, Demoman(he can get drunk and distract the reds with random dancing), and Scout.

I agree with this guy.

^ yes.

Build an ubercharge and rush…RUSH FOR THE LOVE OF VALVE! RUUUSH!

Have sniper, soldier and medic with you. Sniper can give cover from the tower (meet the sniper) and soldier + medic pair will get the job done.

Soldier, Pyro and Medic.

The Goron!

Pikachu I choose you!

The Medic, Engineer, Pyro.

Scout, for scouting the place,
Spy, for any sabotage thingys,
Engineer, for repair/upgrade the car.