Battleship, lore-friendly official arena idea.

Where are the scientist, helicopters and air planes coming from? Air planes can come from any military base; scientist and helicopter though, they don’t have enough autonomy to function too far away from a base.

In order to oversee cloning and long distance body control experimental environments, an organization of rich scientist operates in situ on the island from a battleship that spawns at the horizon at some days. Some scientists are usually found at places with high rates of radiation. They are studying genetic related effects on clones, due to past nuke bombs dropped at the rare times the whole island joined together in order to rise over the organization control.
When the battleship arrives, it spawns three high tech autonomic boats that carry a team of 4 scientists with semi-automatic guns and two merc npcs carrying m249s and heavy armors. Their mission is to enter the land to do their thing; the boat goes back to the ship on his own. Airdrops are in game to supply these teams inside the island, that’s why science teams could extremely rare drop a digital map of the whole island marking the airdrops in game (unavailable to recharge battery, dies quickly).

If to a limit of 6 player team enters the boat before it goes back, by killing the science team or playing stealthy, then the boat will take them to the battleship. It is outside the map, unreachable to swim to, if you fell out the ship, you drown. The other two boats won’t get inside the ship´s docks until they are full with another player’s team and those boats will continue going around in circles spawning science teams (unrealistic, sacrifice reality to get fun gameplay).

The moment any player gets caught by a npc of the ship, it will be an alarm state; any boat inside the docks gets locked up. This will be the arena round opening. Players are confined to the decks and the docks in the battleship arena.

The moment there is only six or fewer survivors and they decide to fly, it’s up to them, it will be the closure of the arena round. If a team wants to survive till there are no more unlocked boats or until every guy from the clan has left safely, they can do it, but if the battleship decides to leave the island´s proximities, they will just gas the ship´s outside with nerve-gas and leave. Every entrance to the inside of the battleship is a high tech double door airlock, if the first door closes and you are inside the airlock the nerve gas will finish you in no time, letting the next wave to spawn.

The battleship is full of heavy geared npcs that spawns at waves nonstop while the alarm goes on. The only way to get out of the battleship (with the loot), is using a helicopter that spawns every thirty minutes in the battleship. It has fuel enough (you won’t be able to replenish) to get you (and your five mates) to the beach and a little far from that, so if you feel like destroying towers of snipe-killing newmans, just jump from the helicopter into the water after aiming the controls to the buildings.

Are the battleship´s entrails the secret behind the appearance of newmans at beaches?

I think it is a far too long text. Battleships have already been suggested. Thanks for reading.

It is kind of lame to reply my own post but I rather bump it with a second post than editing the first one, in case anybody find any of that stuff interesting.

So, are the battleships the secret behind newmans appearing at beaches? Yes, they are. Inside the battleship there is a cloning facility.

Are the island´s inhabitants defenseless against the organization? No, they have the wonder of naked psycho’s technology, the missile launcher tower. This tower allows psychos to fire a constant rain of handmade missiles, these missiles are only meant to harm the ship as any other target inside the island exceed the minimum range (realism sacrifice, we don’t want clans to be firing each other from one point of the island to the other). It is really easy to use the tower, the only thing players need to do is load it and hit the fire button. The guidance computers and the target tracker are in the missile.

The ship, of course, is prepared against such attacks. The battleship is equipped with an anti-ship missile turret defense system. In order to overheat these turrets, the island inhabitants need at least three towers firing nonstop at the same time. The problem is not only the vast amounts of resources needed to build these towers but also the handmade missiles themselves, craft those requires tons of fuel, hqm and a target tracker device only found at battleship arenas. The battleship´s guided missiles are disabled, as the organization is in the island only to oversee, but if you find one of those you can take the device.

If, in the time window the ship is seeable at the horizon, enough missiles harm the battleship it starts to sink and quickly sails to the nearest beach. At arrival, the ship deploys a full geared op npc army. In order to defeat the organization, once and for all, an army of players must be recruited to fight. If this player’s army is skilled enough to go through the npc army and get to the cloning facility they can active the auto destruction console.

Once the cloning factory is destroyed, with the battleship, sleeping bags (and re-spawning) stop working, and no newmans are allowed in the server. For the next thirty minutes the games turns into a full hardcore one life survival. After those thirty minutes the organization´s nuclear warheads reach the island and devastate it. Everyone left dies of radiation*. Endgame. Server wipes. New Rust cycle begins.

*Players alive at this point get the steam achievement “I survived to see the bombs fall”

So now that the full idea is completely showed off I can let the post rest in peace.