Battleship WIP pre-release

Its been a few years since I’ve built anything but now I’m back armed with a new computer system

And what better for Angus513 to build for a return than one of my traditional large battleships

And here it is. Its still a WIP at this stage

Its been built using the parenting tool so the lag levels are very low even for a contraption this size.
It is fully floating and sailable using thrusters 8,2,4,6 to steer.

Its been built with several floors of interior starting at deck level and dropping two floors down. However for some reason when you try standing on any prop that is parented you glitch around and then fall through the props into the sea

Also the interior is empty and the outside is still unfinsihed at this stage. I was in the process of fitting it out with battleship levels of AA capability however after about 7-8 AA guns I get errors that prevent me from constrainting any more props (hence why the interior is still empty as well)

Not to worry, I am currently playing around and researching for ways to get around these issues, even if it means rebuilding the ship from scratch because I want to see this fully detailed and working as much as you lot
But in the mean time here is a pre-release just of the sailable ship for you guys to sink you teeth into and provide some feedback and any improvements that I can include into the final release

fire away with feedback FacePunchers

Jesus, that’s massive. I love it, I remember seeing you posting some pictures in the WiP thread the other day. Amazing ship, looks great and dandy.
Does it use ACF or some sort of combat framework? I’d love to see it shoot up something. :v:

Not at the moment, I was concerning myself more with building a high detailed ship to start with. Once i’ve got that part done I will look into arming it

The ship looks nice, but I think the main guns are a bit small and derpy for its size.

Doesn’t garry ban people from for uploading dupes? If that’s the case i’d remove it (and quickly) if I were you.

Yea, looks like he does :confused:

Its a save, which granted is also on that list that I apprany didnt see. What format are we suppose to use these days? It was always dupes or saves when Ilast played, just assumed it was the same

Upload it somewhere else. According to garry he doesn’t want to “waste space” with “text files”.

yeah. each one is like, twelve petabytes in size.

My only problem is that you have uploaded it to and I thought saves were banned. Wouldn’t want you to get banned seen as you are actually uploading something worth looking at.