Battleships and cruise ships

Im not sure if anybody has made ports or something but id like to request ports of a Battleship from any game and maybe a cruise liner models.
The cruise liner could probably be ported over from like a ship simulator.

As for the battleships one could probably port them over from a game like Battlestation midway

Im mainly asking cause there doesnt seem to be any sort of cruise liner and battleships available as props. Every time i search i end up with either a map or a ship made out of props.

You probably have to wait for World of Battleships. Seriously. is creating this game.

That should be pretty good then . But what about the cruiser though ?

Battlestations: Midwat and Battlestations: Pacific have some prety good ship models.

No no i ment a cruiser liner. Like in the pic above.

Forgotten Hope 2 had some ships right? FH2 props/vehicles have been borted before, but its a long shot to find someone that will/can do it.