Battlestar Galactica: Online model porting

I don’t even know if this is possible, so tell me right away if it ain’t.

Anyways, so I was looking at videos of BGO and I figured: Why not get some of those models ported into Source? I mean, the character models aren’t quite as good-looking as I’d expected, but even if it isn’t, you could still make citizen headhacks, or just use the textures elsewhere. So far, I see models for the standard duty uniform, crew jumpsuit and the flightsuit, so maybe these could be useful after all, since we don’t even have very good Navy-ish models in GMod.

And the ship models are all very cool, and there’s probably a bunch of uses for them apart from posing and stuff.

i support this!

How did you port them, and are these from BGO? And I was more referring to the Battlestars and larger ships themselves. Maybe the character models, but again, I have no clue if anything can be ported.

Nope they are from Flight simulator X…were ripped with 3d ripper dx



I love you 3D Ripper :wink:

Neat. Don’t forget to link up the specular and normal maps if they have any.

Holy fucking God, I was not expecting a bump to this. If you port them, I will love you.

Also, Lt.C, did you ever get to finish those Colonial Fleet service blues?

Textures are done but no one wants to do the actual model hack.

I even got rusty to do a male_04 reskin to look like Saul Tigh.

No way.

Oh, God, today was a good day indeed.

That sucks about the model hack, though, hopefully someone will do it.

Oh, right, pictures:

Head was added in photshop.

I can probably do it

i’ll need the files though :v:

Bumping for interest. Are they for all of the citizens, or is it just for the male_04 Colonel Tigh?

Also, regarding the more original request, how big would the models be in Source?