Battlestar Galactica Pistol

So, basically, I was thinking about the Battlestar Galactica Pistol, and I went to look it up. Conveniently, the New series used modified real-world weapons, and I found out that the pistol

Is a modified version of the Five Seven (which is a Counter-Strike weapon). The big thing at the bottom is an “Explosives Launcher” (Don’t exactly know what it does, haven’t watched the series in like forever).

There is also a L4D sound replacement which uses the pistol sounds.

Could someone make a model of this, v_models and w_models? I’m thinking it would be a retouch of the CSS Five-Seven, with some upgraded looks and the added box at the front. This would be the first step in making the ultimate sidearm ever to set foot in Garry’s Mod.

Well I would guess that it launches explosives. Also, you need a picture of the back.

Two views.


It’s the same on both sides, I think. Probably for Ambidexterity.

Technically, the gun already exists for Garry’s Mod. The gun used for the Season 2 “Blaster” is an FN 57, which is a part of Counter-Strike Source. So, if you have it installed, you already have the blaster.

well, duh, but he wants the black explosives thing.

You mean the projectile launcher.

Counterstrike did not invent the Five-seveN.

On the positive side, I’ll keep a look-out for this on FPSBANANA, see if someone makes it.

I’ve used a L4D sound replacement for my 57, but its not thesame.