Battlestar Galactica port?

I’d like to throw a request out there-the Columbia Class Battlestar, AKA Galactica, from the re-imagined BSG ported from ST Legacy. I’ve always wanted a good Galactica to go with the Mk. II Viper, and this model is beautiful.;102957

On a similar note, would anyone be willing to do an NPC to go along with it of Boomer/Athena/Sharon/Number Eight/Good Frakking God She Has A Lot Of Names?

What format is the ship in?

Also where’s this Viper model your talking about?

Kathar’s Mk II Viper, eeees nice. As for the model, it’s in .m3d format, which you should be able to port since APwnInTheDark already ported some Trek ships that were in m3d format.

Link to the Viper please :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have a look as Milkshape says it can import M3D format.

Righto, good sir, and many thanks.

Damn, it was MD3 format it could import not M3D (too similar @.@) so i’ll need a converter to be able to port it for you, if you can find one it would be helpful.

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

There’s a converter for Blender, not sure about 3DsMax or Milkshape though. Here’s the Blender Converter:

Tried it, it doesn’t work.

I’m pretty sure the models on the Bridge Commander filefront are done in 3DsMax.
This may be of some help…;72482

They aren’t in 3Dmax format though there in M3D format.

Yes they could be useful :smiley: