Battlestar Galactica Viper in Space

It probably sucks, but at least I put effort in.

If it does suck, tell me where it went horribly wrong.

It doesn’t suck at all. I don’t think you should have applied motion blur to the space ship though as it’s the only subject of the picture. Now that it is blurred we have very little to focus on.

I think you should have added lots of stars to the background and then blurred the whole background. This would keep the picture interesting and give the impression of movement while retaining the detail in the model.

Thanks Chesty, that’s a great help. I didn’t know how I could add stars, so I just left it.

Just use a soft brush to add white dots everywhere (on a new layer). Then duplicate that layer and on the new layer add some blur to give the impression the stars are giving off light. That should work.

Hmmm, thanks.

I thought that Vipers gave off yellow exhaust? Although that might be the newer ones. Anyway, the picture is alright, just a little bit empty. It could show some other vipers alongside the main one or maybe even the fleet.