Battlestations Pacific Porting

So recently I’ve been trying to grab some of the Japanese ship models from Battlestations: Pacific, but I’ve hit something of a brick wall. I’ve managed to acquire a file ripper that’s allowed me to get the models out of the game files (with some significant difficulty) but they are in a proprietary in-house format that nobody seems to have been able to crack. I was wondering if anybody out there has experience porting BS:P models to source who can help me out here. If there is no way to convert the files over, perhaps somebody has an alternative method for getting the models?

I got a couple models on the workshop

Although let me tell you, the process is absolute shit. There’s no file format converter, so you have to use Ninja Ripper.


  • the models come out all incredibly squashed
  • the UVs are correct but they need to be manually moved and scaled to fit
  • the destroyed mesh is fused with the normal one, and you have to go and separate it out vertex by vertex
  • the ropes and cables needs to be redone 100% from scratch (although it’s not that bad since they’re just extruded cubes)

Planes are a little better, but they still come out all squashed and the wheels, rudder, etc are not aligned so you have to move them back into place yourself.

Ah, right. Seems I’ll have to keep looking for other games with obscure as fuck Japanese warships to steal for my own projects. I will have my fleet of oddball boats, damn it!

Did you need a specific model? I can probably grab it if it’s not too large.

If it wouldn’t be too much trouble I’d love the No.101-class, the Japanese LST. I’ve been trying to find models for ages because I’ve got loads of excellent reference photos and diagrams but Battlestations is literally the only game I can find with it.

Oh hey, I actually have that all finished and ready for almost a year now. I was planning to include it with the SNLF but I couldn’t get enough media for a decent upload. Might as well do it now.

Oh wow, that’s pretty sweet. Can’t wait to get to work with it! (whenever it’s ready, of course)

Just a heads up: This game works with 3DRipperDX as well. No need to adjust UV, model already assembled in the right way, etc…

The Alaska, super Yamatos, and Montana are what interested me from that game.