Battling the Flesh Pile

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i like the way you handle my flesh pile girl

Pretty awesome, dude.

Definitely one of your best submissions in my opinion. The lighting is pretty darn good in regards to contrast and depth. But the fire itself isn’t casting any light on the utility pole or the building to the right of it. A fire that size should be casting light (even just subtle rim lighting) on the bottom right quarter of the screenshot. So pretty much most of the way down the street. Also, the Flesh Pile looks very exposed and open, kind of ruining the ‘maniacal, scary, mean’ monster feel. The less the viewer see’s of the monster, the better. (Obviously in moderation). But other than the lighting issue - the posing is good, you made perfect use of depth via fog/lighting, and the overall scenebuild is pretty great.

Keep the same level of quality, but there’s still lots to improve like anyone. Awesome work, I’d like to see more! Keep them coming!

There’s something about your style I love, yet I don’t know what it is.

Everything is pretty much spot on.

also love that dude in the middle of the fog. “Screw you guys, I’m going home!”

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one thing I can complain about is how the guy is looking into the camera like he’s talking to the cameraman or the soldier. You should have added some first person arms infront of the camera to strengthen this feel. Now his focus just looks off.

The muzzleflash is waaaay too big for an smg, or even a rifle, it almost looks like a the start of a flamethrower (to me).

Everything else is great though, love it!

I love this, everything is so well done, especially, in my opinion the lighting. In no area is it too dark, nor is it too bright. Incredibly well done.