Baught Legacy - But what am i getting now?

So i baught RUST months ago, and really enjoyed playing it, i am still enjoying.

I was extremely excited when i first realized that Legacy was just a legacy, and Experimental would become the RUST we know. The first thing i did was to install it and try it out, and WOW. it looked awesome. Iv’e been following the RUST blogs, trello’s and general banters, keeping up with the path they are taking.

Ultimately i was faced with the following question: What have i paid for? In my opinion Legacy and Experimental is having a fight, and they do not want to walk on the same path. YES, they are built around the same idea, but i pretty much don’t see the game going in the same direction as Legacy.

I think one critical mistake here, is to ignore the life people created around RUST. i know, i know Legacy was also in development stage, but people enjoyed it, they played it, and even started living it. it was a virus that they wanted to spread to their was a RUST way of life.

I now look at legacy, and i look at experimental and it does not feel the same.

It’s not supposed to feel the same. Thats the point. The game is in alpha. What you played in legacy is no longer what Rust is, or what the game is going to be defined by. They made this point several times.

To me it does feel the same. Still a bunch of naked people trying to maul you with a rock, still need to build a base, make fire, hunt, gather, craft, blah blah blah. It’s just more broken now because they pretty much rebuilt the game.

concept same, presentation better when not broken and ignored by developers. Legacy was full of hackers that ruined the game for millions of players. Experimental hopes to stop that before it begins.

The two versions are the exact same lol. The only difference is they look a little different, which is intentional since everything in legacy was placeholder art.