[BAW]BadAssWankers |Oxide|PvP|AirDrops|1/2Craft|Sleep|Doorshare|TS3|Experienced Admins|Active Community

http://www.badasswankers.com is a multiplatform Gaming community running since 2005, we have supported DOD, DOD Source, TF2, Brink, Minecraft, BFBC2, BF3, BF4 & DayZ. We are now happy to announce that we have a Rust server up and running. The server is stable and fully updated.

Connection Details - Open the console (hit F1) then type/paste net.connect or look for us on the server browser list ‘[BAW]BadAssWankers-Oxide|PvP|AirDrops|1/2Craft|Sleep|Doorshare’

Server Details;

-100 slots
-Server located in New York, suitable for european players
-Running Oxide
-Server back-ups performed regularly
-Server updates performed quickly
-Level footing - We do NOT offer any sort of ‘pay2win’ system like other servers, where $$$ gives you gear on fresh spawn.

Server features;

-Door sharing
-50% craft time
-Private message other players
-Make a mistake while building? Players can remove parts of their own structures
-Air Drop Smoke signals
-500 slot TS3 channel with public and private channels available.
-Experienced & helpful Server Admins - Our admins have a wealth of game server administration, they have proven over a long period of time to be able to keep their emotions in check and deal with issues objectively when making decisions. You will NOT be kicked or banned for in-game actions against our admins or anyone else, unless we have cast-iron proof you are breaking our (very few) rules.
-Senior admin are monitoring, and will to take steps to ensure that our membership don’t form an overpowered group.

We will continue to monitor potential new features and plug-ins to the server as Rust and it’s community develops. We aim to make our game servers as enjoyable as possible for our playerbase.

Server Events;

We will be working on future server events, one that proved popular on DayZ and is under consideration for Rust was ‘The Fugitive’. We dropped a BAW member into the wilds with some great gear and provided everyone taking part updates of his location via twitter, the clues started off vague, but got more frequent and obvious to increase the fugitives discomfort. The fugitive gets no aid whatsoever from admin, who’se sole job during the event is to detect cheating. You do not need to be a BAW member to take part.

Server Rules

-No Scripting
-No racial or homophobic slurs
-Trash-talking is encouraged when in good spirits, but please remain respectful to others in our game and Teamspeak servers

Our server caters for pretty much every sort of gameplay; Base building, base raiding, banditry, counter-banditry, ambushes, counter-ambushes, carebearing, clan-wars, solo play. Basically whatever style suits you as long as is does not involve scripting or hacking. Whining about PvP is frowned upon, if you have a problem with PvP, there are other servers that cater for PvE only.

That about covers it, while our server is already quite popular, we look forward to seeing new players and groups/clans enter the fray!


Groups plug-in now added

You can create and delete Groups. Also you are able to invite players to your Group. They can accept or decline the invitation.

Players in a group can use:
/gwho - See which group members are online
/g Message - Group chat

All Commands:
/gcreate Name - Create a group with this name
/gdelete - Delete a group
/ginvite Playername - Invite a player to your group
/gkick Playername - Kick a player out of the group
/gcancel - Cancel the Invitation (Sender and Receiver can do it!)
/gaccept - Accept the invitation
/gleave - Leave your current group
/g Message - Sends group message
/gwho - Shows online group members
/ghelp - Group help commands
/ginfo - Shows the group name and member count
/glist - Shows a list of all groups (names)
/gmotd “Message” - Set a group MOTD
/gsettings - Shows the group settings
/gsetting pvp|kick|invite|motd 0|1 - set group settings


Server is live, running latest Rust update. Oxide however is down, so no plug-ins for the moment. We’ll have them added as soon as they’re made available

Oxide up and running

Added /location plug-in

Server wiped 04/02/14