Bayonetta Model Requests

I was wondering if anyone (if it’s not already been done) could possibly port the following models; (Jeanne) (Bayonetta)
From XNALara.
It would be very much appreciated.

Huh…I was gonna make something like this…anyway SUPPORT!

Btw I’d love to see or angelic friends on gmod

I need to play this game eventually, it apperentally went up to be one of the best games in the past decade…

Anyways, support.

Bam, said the lady…

It says Gloria but Bayonetta is also in there as a bonus. No face or eye posing though.

You want to touch me?

Honestly, the lack of Face Posing is a little…Depressing.
Although I’m definitely not complaining.
Does anyone plan to do Jeanne or Cereza as well? (Both from XNALara)

Yeah, this model need at least some faceposing