Does anybody think they can make a Bayonetta Ragdoll/NPC for Gmod :smiley:

The game isnt out for PC.
So no.


Unless you want to create a whole new HD-Model

Patience. It will happen in time.

LBP is also not released on PC, or any other console, can remember a Ragdoll being released of the sackboys though

That’s because someone modeled it themselves, genius.

Xbox 360 is possible, but i can assume that it’s fucking difficult compared to PS2, Wii and Gamecube.

I just hope that someone can make it. I just love that game sooo much and it’s a nice chick :smiley:

I knew it when I got this game, first comes game, then comes naked skins on gmod o.o

I made that…

Also, if anybody makes bayonetta, please resize her tiny head.

Mate her head is big enough :S

you has hax, yes? no? then sexify another model

Now if someone made an unpacker or reader for PS3 games rather than attempting to emulate the whole god damn game then maybe porting would be possible.

PS3 emu + 3d Ripper? combo breaker?

I’ve found a model: Maybe you can do something with this.

Oh these bumps. They will never stop.

Dude, this thread has been dead for a little over 2 years. Check the date of the last post before you actually make one.