marry me

I really love this. What was your inspiration?

Also is this the advanced light entity?

I really love the shadows in this one. Cute little mushroom people!

awww yiss

absolutely love it

Honestly, this once kinda came outta nowhere. Started as a shootout, grew to a landscape, then I decided to change the angle to something much higher and got this. As for the lighting, this is using the advanced light entity, as well as my usual methods for lighting. Makes a really awesome addition, especially compared to what I did before, which involved using like 4 high FOV lamps to try to mimic a point light with shadows :v:

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Also worth mentioning, all atmosphere/water ripples, effects like those are in post. No fancy materials or anything.

That is some goddamn good lighting and composition.

As a Louisiana native, you had me at the word ‘bayou.’ Great execution, unique subject matter.

Here’s an original, for the sake of seeing what was done in game (keeping in mind that technically the real original consists of a bunch of different lighting layers).