Bazooka Team - Combines about to smash a door

**So… We had the idea with Joazzz that we would pose one picture, then we decided that Joazzz edits my pose and i edit his pose. Very simple:
My picture Edit: Joazzz Joazzz’s picture Edit: Me, Tampio **

And here are the pictures

My Pose
Edit: Joazzz

Joazzz’s pose
Edit: Tampio Music Easter Eggie

I hope you liked OUR pictures. Please Comment and rate IF you want.
My Original Pose
Joazzz’s Original Pose

Love the combine one!

Thank you.

very nice

Both poses and edits are really good.
Also, that’s not an M1 Carbine magazine…

I like Joazzz edits more.

Combine one is awesome.

Originals for those Lazy ones who don’t bother to open them up :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice posing and edits.

For the Combine one, you should have edited so the eyes would glow in the dark. Would have added more coolness to it. Especially to the Combine in the far left.

More comments? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love how almost everyone ignored the Bazooka Team screenie.

But, I really like them both. where did you get those sexy ass US soldiers?

The lighting on the second one is ace

Love the combine one, but… Why is that man reloading his M1 when he should be prepping to reload the Tube of Bloop.

Nice editing.