Bazooka team in a shiny street.

Enjoy !

did you put stella on the bazooka or was it there already? either way it kinda ruins the picture for me

Yes, with photoshop…

it kinda doesn’t fit in

Guy with the B.A.R is kinda holding it weird…stella sounds familiar…

Did you serve in the 3rd Parachute Battalion in Arnhem :o?

The ‘stella’ needs to look more, carved into the launcher, and abit’ less noticable.

Stella is a very old Guitar Manufacturer, I have one lol

I was thinking it had to do with streetcar named desire.

I was expecting the bubble gum comic guys.

No, the bazooka guy in Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway (Jasper, I think it was) had a “girlfriend” which was his bazooka with “Stella” written on it.

Inside joke.

I liked it could be some dirty or shadows over the name stella but the rest its ok nice posing and edit :slight_smile:

Well done, save for the text, which could’ve been done a bit better.

What model pack is that? I can’t seem to find it.

Its the DOD models, you have to have DOD:S to use them.

Regnier, I feel little copying here. This was posted by me a couple days ago!

Where did you get such a high quality M3 and BAR

Tampio, There is no copying involved in my opinion. Maybe inspiration but not copying.

I see you don’t know the name of the game yet. I said Little copying besides.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t know … Sorry…

Doesn’t matter.