Bball city!!!!!!!!!

One more video for my portfolio.

Holy ‘!’

That was quite interesting.

That was…strange

well that was weird.


Did anyone else fucking lol when he whipped out the magmum? God I love my fellow black folk

Congrats, Drunkard, you actually made a video that was [almost] worth my time! I lol’d at a few of the parts, especially the magnum thing, and some of the music/video sync was cool (although it was a bit funky at times - work a bit harder in that area).

I think it probably would have been funnier if you incorporated racism into it. That is, if there aren’t already some subliminal undertones… ARE THERE?

3/5, work on actual story progression (even if it doesn’t have a story, try and show something relevant) and some video editing. Also, try and export it so that it doesn’t have double black bars, but I didn’t deduct points for that.

Well, I didn’t see any white guys playing basketball in there…

  1. I don’t make my movies for you.

  2. I didn’t break any rules in filming or editing. I went by the 1080 degree rule, and my framing was excellent. I have almost every cut happening right on the exact frame with the beat. Also watch the slam dunk/magnum sequence. That took me a little while to do, but I think it worked out pretty pro.

  3. I am not a racist, but if you look closely to the still image of him slam dunking, you see another guy hanging on the backboard with a can of grape soda :slight_smile:

I also want to point out that I take the time to design all the graphics music, and sounds. That’s more than a lot of people can say about their projects.

The first comment was unnecessary. A lot of cuts are on beat, however it appeared strangely awkward.

I was only giving you some pointers, I didn’t need an explanation for EVERYTHING

:wtc: Didn’t quite get the point.

Why don’t you get his films yet!?

I’m not much for symbolism.

I forgot your more for the Pew! pew! EXPLOSION! Bang! bang! * argghhh my leg! Pew! pew!*

And i don’t think his films contain symbolism.
His films are more of an expression i believe.

That’s not the first time the true meaning of my art has eluded somebody.

I’m sure this is where the meaning of the art came from:

Drunkard: lol wat if i took a massive overdose of thes pillz i found in my cabnet lolololol
Mom: olol ya ud be liek loise from lefft 4 ded.

Two Hours Later

Drunkard: lal wat if a granfather clock had sex with a tire in the DMV

Nice! Well done and original. I like it.