[=BBUK=][UK/US] - Sleepers/PvP/Noob Friendly/Remove/No C4

Greetings Cavemen,

Firstly, I’ll present a story so that you may understand a little bit about this server. When I first begun playing on this server, I had decided to adventure thru the wilderness to find a shack, or house I could potentially loot, and while doing so, I had come across this Admin house which was left open due to the server restarting. So, I quickly make my way into his house, and loot his stuff. I was very pleased, and happy that I had gotten some weapons, metals, and wood.

So anyway, After I built my metal base, I had yet again, Adventured thru the wilderness to seek out another house to break into, and I came across another Admins base, and he happened to have had a ‘wood door’ on his wall that he didn’t know about. So I made my way up there, and chopped at it. I got inside, killed the sleeper, and ran off with all his weapons, ammo, armor, and much more.

Shortly after he logged in, He had noticed he was naked, and in the wild. I had told him that It was me that broke into his house, and stole all his items. He didn’t care what-so-ever, and that’s how I truly knew that despite the raiding that I did on him, that he didn’t care at all.

I did this twice, and still, He’s cool with it. That is why I recommend this server.

-Server Perks-

*-*Noob Friendly
*-*No C4
*-*No Lag
*-*No Starters

-Additional Server Info-

*-*Active, and great Admins
*-*No Admin Abuse, or Spawned Items (Yes, They do, and have worked for everything they’ve got)
*-*Despite that I reside in the U.S, My connection to the server is a lag free experience
*-*Every new comer is welcomed with open arms
*-*The Admins have specifically stated that you can build what, how, and where ever you’d like


Press F1 to bring up the console > net.connect