BDB Stranded

Hi, iam scripting since April 2008 to perfect Ja_cop´s Stranded.
If you want to try Join -)BDB(- Server.
Or click here steam://connect/

At this Gamemode you need to Survive and Build your own Base alone or with your Tribe.
Here some Changes to the standard Gamemode.
[li] Added tribesleader. Other players in tribes spawn at tribesleaders place.[/li][li] Added more Unlocks like Collector that will save your Resources and Weapons if you die or disconecct.[/li][li] Added expert miner unlock to mine gold for factory and toolguns.[/li][li] Added a automaticly resourcedrop combine system. No more resdrop spam.[/li][li] Added a dropallresource button in the resdrop menu.[/li][li] Added simple prop protection menu (thanks to Smilie).[/li][li] Added more toolgun modes, like ballsocket, nocollide and some more.[/li][li] Added owner releaser toolmode, to remove your ownership from your props.[/li][li] Added a modificated version of petmod.[/li][li] Added a own ranksystem.[/li][li] Added NEW prop owner release, with fading props and included undo system.[/li][li] Added a base defense system, that allowed a player to move enemy players for a short time.[/li][li] Added APP(Anti Prop Push) - APS(Anti Prop Surf) system included to basedefense system.[/li][li] Added a protection for low-leveled Player. (Survival < 10 and attacker 5 levels higher)[/li][li] Added a process cancle button(F4).[/li][li] Added transfer command, to transfer a type of resource to the tracehit position.[/li][li] Added crashdetections system that reload the map and props after a crash.[/li][li] Added !save and !backup commands, for reloading a character backup.[/li][li] Added Pushcart to to protect ur resources.[/li][li] Added account restore, do !backup if you have lost your character.[/li][li] Added realistic Stamina System.[/li][li] Added Stamina skill.[/li][li] Decreased the needs[/li][li] Resource drops are able to combine with buddys resdrops.[/li][li] Recoded tribesystem and added alot of new stuff for tribeleaders.[/li][li] Changed toolgun system, you cant use other toolmodes like in List.[/li][li] Fruits fill up your thirst and health.[/li][li] Spawnprotection and visible spawnpoints.[/li][li] Tribespawns are visible now.[/li][li] Recodet F1/F2/F3 Hud (thanks to find me|Alpha Squad for that) [/li]
[li]Complete recoded fruit system. You will love it :D[/li][li]Spawnprotection and visible spawnpoints.[/li][li]Tribespawns are visible now.[/li][/ul]
[li]Fixed the Server Laggs[/li][li]Fixed Antlionburrow, that Antlions wouldnt stuck anymore.[/li][li]Fixed Map Load/Save Menu, you are only able to Load games on Map where Saved.[/li][li]Fixed the glitch that allowed to Spawn more then one Prop with one Buildingsite.[/li][li]Some other security bugfixes are done.[/li][/ul]
Have Fun

When all this what you posted is right, it’s pretty awesome.

Nice im downloading now, Very cool idea but i got a question. Is there like tribe wars??

If you want, your allowed to fight against an other Tribe.

Maybe remove the admin tribe? A good admin would play the game like everyone else. If the admins wanted to join a tribe of their own, they could just do that.

I didn’t actually try this by the way.

Also i think you change map too often. Its like you have developed your settlement and is like Jippieh and then there’s a map change and nothing you can do about it. Then you have to start over again and personally i cant take that and just leave the server cuz i dont have the energy to start over again.
also i was wondering if you take admin applications?

If i want to change the map i do a Vote about it. What do you mean with admin applications?

Well lets make it easier then.
Do you need admins on the server?

Atm we dont need more Admins.

Noooo, why server reset levels?? =/ Now i gotta lvl up my 109 again… DDD=

The Levels arent resetted. If you use a new Steam Account its normal that u cant use your old Levels.

It is damn anoying that people keep stealing your food though, even if you try to hide it they just smash your shelter until they find it

um, where do i download it…?

You cant download it, maybe i will share it later. If you want to play it, connect to the Server.

Changed Server IP its now Have FUn

Release it! Rawr! Some of us want to play a better GMStanded on our own little servers or by-ourselves :C People will envy you more if you release it! Come on!! DarkRP isnt private and its awesome(if you like RP)!

I have to agree with doonbugie. If you released this I would host the shit out of it without even checking for backdoors first. :smiley:

dont bump old posts please.


Its true!

How can you hate DarkRP?!?!?! Random disagree’s


Same! I want to host the shit out of it! My server wants BDB Stranded!