"Be advised, uhh, I think I've spotted an enemy shitstorm in your AO, eh, over!"

Whoa, this took a while. Four days, to be precise (Because I didn’t make any progress for two days hueheuhuehueuhe)

Sorry, no lens flares this time, because I couldn’t figure out how to make them.


Compare to the originá-lo:

Some sloppy isolation on the building to the right, but I think you can live with that.
Now I’m all out of ideas again so don’t expect me to make anything for a while.

I love it! very good job! <3

Awesome. Awesome to the max.

This is pretty fucking swell.

It’s beautiful sniff

First I was like “Meh, pretty cool I guess.”

Then I scrolled to the right.

Holy shit. This is awesome! I love it.

Nice stitch and scenebuild, but…everything looks so…bloomy and smooth. Sorry.

This is very beautiful. I think I may adopt it as a desktop background.

It looks really amazing, and the comparison really highlights how incredible job you did at the fog, shadows and depth.

But everything is indeed bloomy and smooth.
This is not exactly a bad thing, but a thing that effects the atmosphere a lot.
It gives the feeling that everything is happy and careless, not unlike many battles in video games.

But if that’s not the feeling you were going for, it’s naturally not a good thing. In reality explosions are incredibly bright, and even surfaces close by lit by them would appear washed out white.

How could I fix the ‘smoothness?’

Btw I never go for realism when I make explosions, plus that kind of lighting in a daytime picture would ruin everything.

It’s amazing.

So the Battlefield³ fever got you too?
I always thought about, how a BF pic would look like made in GMod.
Nice job!


the blurry painted in shadows are really killing this for me

Yeah and I don’t even have the goddamn game.

Get over it like a man.

really nice

america is number one

russia is crying tears

Fucking brilliant Joazzz.

USA is dominate.