be careful for this server

this server’s admin is a chacker,aim bot, speed, kill u and if u say something bad to him sry ,baned

everyone dont play with this server

every one name with [Cc] is hacker

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum, dumb thread. again." - postal))

You are a total mong, they arent admins and you are shit.

I don’t know whether you was born with a few wires missing in your head or not but I don’t have a clue what a “chacker” is… Whether you was refering to the admin taking speed I’m not sure but the admins on that server are some of the best around. Everyone in [Cc] is not a hacker, your just mad because you’ve been killed like the rest of the 10 year olds on the game.

Love from
[Cc] Marksman

I assume you recorded some video footage to back up your claims? Otherwise you’re just cluttering up the forums.

Have to agree with above post.
You need to provide some sort of proof before you can back up your claim.

Even with proof this thread is useless spam.

VAC will work it’s magic.

u are not hacker? big joke

You know what’s funny? I think you are one of them

Last activity 1-21-2014 :v: Boom~

i hope i can be one of them , then i can hack u pc get some sexy photo

You probably aren’t interested in the sexy photos on my computer :v: trust me.

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Also, looks like the dude has one post on the forum. Can’t be bothered to make an account to check it, someone wanna give it ago for shits and giggles?

if is u with a female dog. HELL YES