Be careful, there is a sni

“Get back up you Pussy! It’s just a bullet!”

Simple, but that’s not a bad thing.

You don’t have you censor yourself here. You’re in a better place now.

It’s okay but the weapon doesn’t look like it’s falling out his hand.

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what’s that supposed to mean? sorry my english isn’t that great.

Don’t say “F**K” say “FUCK.” When you censor your swear words you look like a little kid.

ok. i’ll kep that in mind. i just don’t want to get banned for harsh language.

and to the pic: it’s okay. you could use the color tool too.

You can’t get banned for harsh language. Just make sure what you’re saying isn’t racist and don’t start randomly flaming another guy.

On the flipside, if you swear too much, it also makes you look like a little kid.
(e.g. “That ass-fuck cock master fucking sucks fuckin ass! Go kill ur fucking self you fucking pussy”)

american snipa

The posing in the picture is good for a beginner, although the weapon will probably be below the hands, instead of floating above them. Dropped objects don’t fall up. Also, try to move away from in-game blood. Other than that, pretty good.

This is true, so swear occasionally, don’t swear too much.

The grass looks very pixelated, and you should try making your own blood effects/use a custom particle download, default one looks like shit

thanks you, guys

I just noticed that Nestophales blocked my automerge. :smith:

I think i see parts of the guys brain flying out,Very good

just for the lol.