Be my friend

Hello, I want to play a Garrys Mod horror map, but I’m too scared to do it by myself. I have been rejected by two people and nobody will play with me. cri evry tiem. pls

For the cheap price of 14.99$ i can be your friend.
Buy a pack of 10hours and get the reduced priced of only 12.99$!
For more info and a portfolio of my happy friends send me a pm or post in the thread!

Portfolio please.

This is Steve, Steve was a lonely guy before he met me. But after having me as a friend he got more confident and have now made more friends and even enjoys his job.

But to be serious, how old are you?

15, but I fail to see how that is relevant at all. How old are you?

Depends how scary the map is.

Well I’ve realized that probably isn’t the best title, changed.

I was thinking like something from, but doesn’t matter, if you have a better one.

23, because i dont feel like playing with a squeeker (Not necesarly because they do something wrong, but squeky voice+badmicrophone annoys the fuck out of me).
I do like horror though, if you dont find anyone i can play with you

I am infact not someone that makes your ears bleed and makes you want to strangle yourself with your headphone cable. I understand they are quite common. Feel free to hit me up on whatever for proof.

Whats your steam? I’m bored and no one is online rite now.


Tried searching your name and was unsucessful.
Link pls.