"Be quiet and wait until they are gone!"



P.S. Sorry for the bloom! :confused:

Posing is unnatural, I would suggest to turn up your details too. I can also see some blurring near the helmet on the guy on the left.

why is the posing unnatural?! yeah saw the little blur on the helmet and also the details are on the highest level!!

Its good but the posing is a little akward.

It’s just… Unnatural. It’s in the uncanny valley. And you haven’t turned AA on.

Is the stock supposed to be transparent like that (at the bottom)?


k, thanks


First of all, it’s ridiculous that the Germans would be that blind. The noise of the JP would mask any noise by the Americans, but they’re all bunched up close to the window just on the periphery of the Germans’ vision. The fact that real soldiers are all about situational awareness would mean that at least one guy would be looking through that window, if not going into the house itself and clearing it.

The rest is as Chesty says.

The American on the very far left looks like he’d be clearly visible from outside.

He DID release the germans too, you know?

they have shit rigging

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aswell as the americans