beach civilains

if someone could make all the citizens in like trunks and bikinis.
the guy models would have just regular trunks, if you want to you can make each guy have a different design on his trunks. girl civilians have binkinis and such. again they can have different designs if you want them to. Please dont make the girl bikinis “small”. what i mean is dont make it to where like you can see their brests. u can make them show A little. and dont put guys in speedos please. please try to hex them.
good luck!
There the female part but we don’t have the males.

thanks dude

This is a terrific idea.

they look good just need a few touch ups. like make the upper part of the swim suit “bigger” i dont mind them but just add a little more so that so much isnt showing. But again he doesnt have to do this but he can if he wnts to, and even then just by a little.