Beach map for SFM?

Exactly what it says in the title. I’m looking for a beach map for SFM and it’s driving me up the wall. Nothing on the workshop or SFMLab. I’ve even tried to scenebuild one using watervoid and some sand dune models from Spec Ops, but I can’t make it look halfway decent. Does anyone know if such a map even exists? Thanks in advance.

Not 100% sure it’s compiled with HDR, so you may have trouble in SFM, but de_rush is a good beach map.

And even if it’s not HDR, that’s an extremely simple fix.

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Forgot to mention, if you have Dear Esther, the maps were recompiled for SFM here:
Forgive the long links, I’m on mobile :v:

gm_bigisland is a gorgeous map that I would recommend for a beautiful scene.