Beach Map for Source Filmmaker

I have a new project in mind and I was wondering, is there any HDR maps of a beach, prefferably the Bad Wolf Bay in Doctor Who.

If there is any similar maps, could you send me a link please :smiley: I’ll credit you :smiley:

There’s a few games that might have what you’re looking for, Dear Esther, Dark Messiah are a couple of examples that spring to mind, heck even hl2 has beaches doesn’t it?

Dear Esther’s is beautiful. I would recommend looking into that.

Also I do believe somebody was porting the Dear Esther maps to SFM

Thanks everyone! I’ll have a jiffy and a gander around. Thank you! :smiley:

gm_bigisland is best

Yeah, I looked into it and the developers said it’s not SFM compatible yet, so.

i have a beach/island map i made over a year ago if youre interested

I love that! I can try seeing if it’s SFM compatible! :smiley: Thank you!

Why can’t somebody whip up a map.

It’s only the bad wolf bay!

Aha, at the moment I’m using the background map used in HL2 for a substitute. I’ve looked into Dear Esther maps and they’re not HDR and I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to mapping. So I have a substitute at the moment.

With a little work, would this do?

I made it the other day.

It can be if you use the gmad converter. It works for me. You should try it.

Nvm it crashes like crazy on me.