Beach Map Request

someone has a beach map similar to the one used in the first death stranding teaser?

it doesn’t have to be filled with fishes, i just need a beach with black sand, dark water and cloudy sky.

thank you.

  1. Why do you need this map?
  2. Why can’t you make it yourself?
  3. Why do you expect us to go “Yes your blueness” and get straight to work?

I haven’t seen any maps that look similar to that trailer, you would most likely have to pay someone to make one that looks like it.

I can make it free but dont exept it to be optimazed

I think it doesn’t need to be optimazed. If you just optimize it that would be enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Porting the Dear Esther map might be your best shot.

The map was already ported though? It was on the Workshop for awhile before being taken down, some folks were able to save it beforehand, though. I think Evil-Ash might still have them, ask him.

thank you, i will try that