Beachfront [SFM]

Rogue One hype!

the water looks like its radioactive
did you have to make it so bright?

yeah that’s definitely cherenkov radiation right there, what’s with the glow

the depth of field effect also looks pretty sketchy, you should probably tune the settings a little

I’ll tone that down a bit, or remove it completely.

Also, regarding the DOF, should there be more or less?

In my opinion, It does not look like a sunny beach, it looks like it has the atmosphere as if it was cloudy. And its not bright so I’d tone the brightness up, make the water more clear, (And I) would make the DoF more intense. Alot.

Does this look better? I toned down the water, added some orange lighting and increased the DOF effect a bit.

water looks better now. what’s the point of the orange lighting though?

I tried to make it look sunny. Should I remove it?

You should probably tone it down by a little bit. The water looks alot better, but make it more clear, after that. Masterpiece!

sunlight, during the day, isn’t orange (why do i have to tell you this?). what you need is a very bright white light with a very slight hint of golden yellow.

then, for a realistic effect, you need a weak light source (or several) that simulates the sunlight reflected by the water, and one more to imitate a blueish tint reflected down from the sky.

i don’t want to brag (actually i just might want to), but here’s what i would call a decently lit sunny scene. it’s got all the stuff i mentioned - bright sun, faint blue from above, green tint reflected by the ground. in your pic’s case i would make the light from the water slightly turquoise compared to the pure blue of the sky

Well, it would be easier for me if I didn’t have to add so many lights, because I have no clue on how to make a sun… -_-

you have to if you want to make it look good. that scene i posted had six - one for the sun, one for the sky, and the rest four for the light bouncing effect. you might be able to get away with less, three or four.

the sun is basically a bright spotlight in the sky, nothing complicated. it casts light on the scene from one direction only. everything else is light reflected by the environment.

Yeah, but my scene has at least +15 lights, which sucks.

Like I said, I have no idea on how to make the light sources bigger.

that i can’t help you with, going to need advice from SFM users.

I guess I will have to.

My lighting techniques are terrible.

that’s why i’m here

I guess I’m a bit late to the natural light talk, but whatever.

How is that supposed to help me?

the golf ball illustrates pretty well what you’re supposed to be doing

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one thing i forgot to mention was that the sky lighting and bounced light should have very very soft shadows compared to the sunlight, which should be rather sharp (but not too much, be careful with it)

Changed the lighting to be more of a natural sun colour.

This is really as good as I can make it for now.