Bean-O's Blimp

This is a version 6 of a map I have been working on for 2 days now. It is a bit sloppy here and there (there are some hairline fractures that I can’t fix) but for the most part neater than what I usually make. Designed as both a functional Gmod Build/RP map and a CS:S map.

Oh, and don’t fall off.



1st floor Cafeteria.

1st floor cockpit.

2nd Floor Crew quarters. (+ stairs to 1st and 3rd floor)

2nd Floor passenger room deck. (+ soda machine, stairs to 1st floor and vent cover to 3rd floor)

3rd Floor, storage. (+ ladder to maintenance deck, door on right leads to stairs)

Maintenance deck.

It’s still a WIP for now but go ahead and play around in it. I still need to tweak a bunch of things. If you want to swag it and use anything from my map in yours be my guest. Just be sure to credit me.


Version 10 released!



-Security office/Prison Cell.
-Some light tweaks that need more tweaking.
-Fog that also needs work.
-Better propellers.
-Better exterior texture.
-Fixed many gaps in exterior structure.

looks very nice so far

Basically its an experiment to see if I can make something that works as a decent GM and CSS map.
That and blimps are pimp.

Oh I think I forgot to mention, that plane in screenshots 1 and 2 just circles around in the skybox, its supposed to explain how the CTs spawn on the rooftop.

You need some custom textures, mang.

Inb4 blocky

I personally like it, blimps are sweet

The interiors are based off my memories of riding a ferry to Victoria in Canada. It was a pretty old and ratty ferry, which is why the textures look so decrepit. It is an effect I’m going for.
As for the exterior texture I want to try something different for that but I want to stick within CS:S and HL2. Custom textures are a bit of a handful to deal with. And I have no clue how to use pakrat.

Looks pretty sweet.


Wow. But something I don’t get.
You say the first floor is the lowest, and the upper floor… is inside the balloon?

That would be correct.

That’s actually how blimps are designed. Anything other than the cockpit protruding from the bottom is rare. In fact my map has arguably too much of the structure sticking out.

Here’s a zeppelin for instance, note the windows in the structure.
More modern blimps are used mainly for advertising so there’s not much but a cockpit.

Blimp =! airship. What you made is a rigid airship (what a zepplin is), blimps are more like shaped balloons with a cockpit attached.

I suggest turning the superstructure into a model, it would look much more detailed that way.

Also, I made a model pack of propellers, no idea why nobody uses them for stuff like this. Brushed based propellers look terrible.

I keep basing it from The Goodyear Blimp. That’s why I get confused. Pardon my stupidly.

Oh no it’s fine. I don’t imagine that too many people know all the intricacies about airships so I can see why you or anyone for that matter would get confused.

You really need better textures on the exterior.

that’s actually pretty cool. the tailfins could do with being a bit shorter and fatter.

very original idea. especially for an RP map.

Custom textures are must for this kind of map.

Also, the windows and doors are lacking proper frames.

I like it. Although the thing does look like a huge flying sausage.
No offence. :v:

I think it’s a good point that I need to change the exterior textures and tweak the tailfins. Maybe make new propellers (the ones I made were just a 1 minute job). But I can’t do anything for the window frames on the first floor. They are angled outwards and rotated. That would be far too complex to fix and even if I did manage it that would be a pretty insignificant detail.

What texture do you think I should use for the exterior?

On another note, I really suggest you use a model for the ‘balloon’ part of the blimp. It’ll allow you to put more detail in it and it would make things look alot better.

Well to do that I would have to learn to model and make a model perfectly form-fit for all the passageways in and out of the craft. Also keep in mind that a large part of the structure is inside the blimp which makes things even more complicated. Then it would clash with everything else that is made of brush and I’d have to redo all of that from scratch.
It would simply be too much effort.

Of course anyone is welcome to try it.