Bean-O's Incomplete Maps

Since these maps are not finished I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post this thread in releases.

But anyway, BOINK:

This is a pack of various WIPs. Some maps are almost complete, some have barely been started. There are VMFs, compiled maps and with some maps multiple saves/compiles/iterations.

I’m uploading this here because I’m not particularly interested in completing some of these maps and my computer is about to fail. So rather than putting them on a flash drive that I’m going to lose I felt like uploading them here so that some of the mappers can take a look or even copy/paste some of my work into their maps.

-Use it as reference.
-Copy/paste anything you like into your map.
-Use one of my maps to make another, or even complete it as you see fit.

You do not even need to credit me.

Q: “Bean-O, I opened the “trambunker” maps in hammer and there are missing models and textures!”
A: The “trambunker” maps require CSS content in the hammer editor for HL2ep2. If you make maps for Gmod I highly recommend looking up how to do that, it’s very useful.

Q: “I’m not a mapper but I want to play around in some of those maps in Gmod. Wut do?”
A: If you just want to play around in the maps take the .bsp files and put them into garrysmod/garrysmod/maps.

Q: “I can’t find the map that has those barracks in there. Where is it?”
A: The barracks you see in the 2nd picture are in a separate download here:

Q: “Some of your maps have fullbright or very rudimentary lighting, WTF?”
A: I typically add lighting later on in development to save on compile time in early iterations.
And as for lighting sucking in general, well they are WIPs. What do you expect?

Q: “Can I finish a map or copy/paste shit into mine?”
A: Yes. All of my content is free to use and modify as anyone sees fit.

Thanks man, this is some really good work. I wish you would have finished it.

Now if only worked.

crazy bean-o that’s what you use visgroups for

Snag’d (if that doesn’t tell you who I commented as on then you’re :downs: :v:)

Thats kind of you, it will help mappers without inspiration become inspired. :slight_smile:

Such a kind and generous fellow :bigtran:

I made a .vmf file of just the large apartment block from the apts_b10 map by itself.

Looks really good. Too bad you couldnt continue it :expressionless:

Could you upload the barracks map to another site? I can’t download it :\


The mapping community thanks you.