Beancanhat warriors

Beancanhelmet warriors server is calling you to arms

its kind of a battlefield server


you stole our gang name our gang is called “beancanhelmet warriors” since the end of time we used to be eating the beans out of it then we would put it on our heads but we became to lazy gaben and reddit confirmed it as our official gang name i want you to change it :zoid:

When I came up with that name I didn’t know that this name was used by any group of players. It wasn’t my intention to copy or impersonate you. I will change the name imediatelly upon written request from Gaben. Please tell Gaben to email me at: And thanks for pointing out this terrible misunderstanding.

Also note that you and your group of Beancanhelmet warriors are always welcome to join our server. :smile:

Best regards.

Much love.

Don Roxon

So is it okay to publicise your server on this forum?

couldn’t say for sure, but every other server ad thread i have seen is closed/ddt’d soon after being opened.

gaben wil send you a email shortly :quagmire: