BEAR cavalry has arrived

It’s official.

This is just the first couple intro slides to my upcoming masterpiece, The Adventures of Bear Cavalry (Name Pending). Expect hilarity to ensue.

My whole face just exploded from the amount of awesome! :psyboom:

Hahaha! :smiley:
Nice one :slight_smile:

Over all good posing, and good use of the frame :slight_smile:

Oh g** I didn’t see the two butthumping bears untill now XD

Love those Ruskies.

Right! Two bears are fucking, one is sticking out of a tree trunk. And a gun and a sword. If I was the enemy I would bloody well run:) Have funny.

Did that bear break it’s neck?

Damn, I could never pose the bears, they’d always spazz out, especially the neck.

THIS IS WHY MY COUNTRY IS AWESOME [img_thumb]a[/img_thumb]

I rated funny, only thing is i dont really like the people shooting downwards

I love you

Love the bear to the left with the twisted head

Ya, haha originally I planned on combining the pictures and making the first one smaller and put it IN the 2nd Frame. After a while I was just glad I was finished. Rag-doll posing is pretty time consuming. Really I was just in a rush to get to the “reporting in” frame, just because I wanted to have that as my desktop background while I work on my comic.

Very nice… though the tan guys are Russians too :stuck_out_tongue: