Bear Grylls Survival Server! (25 - 45 Player Count)

Hello, Fellow Rusters! I know there’s a bit of a problem with finding good servers on Rust… It has happened to me and many other people one time or another.
But I am proud to announce that I have finally purchased a Rust server! I am extremely strict and forbid any admin abuse, including spawning in items and so on.
If I do catch an admin doing anything abusive in that nature, I will revoke their rites & privelages. For hackers, there’s no excuse… it’s just an
instant BAN.

If you’d like to play on our server, here’s the information to find it, or just join via the F1 Menu (Console).
Port: 28115

Name of server (Searching via multiplayer list)
Bear Grylls Survival Server

Admins: DjFortify

The server is located in the U.S. but has connectivity from EU, AU, and of course U.S.

Reasons to play on my server

*No admin abuse is tolerated
*No lag (At All)
*50 Player Slot
*24/7 Dedicated
*Very active admins
*Friendly community members
*Compensation for wipes (Not exact items but much better than losing it all)
*Rewards for getting certain amounts of friends to play

  • Get TWO friends on = 2 C4 (Each Friend), 1 P250, 30 Cooked Chicken, 2 F1 Grenades.
  • Get FIVE friends on = 10 C4, 5 P250’s, 125 Cooked Chicken, 8 F1 Grenades, 4 Wooden Foundations (With the other neccessary building supplies)
    *Friendly Admins
    *Responsive, and Responsible Admins
    *The owner has owned many servers before this, and knows how to manage a server properly
    *We do not do random wipes, we talley up votes and if majority rules, that is what it sticks to. (Monthly wipe votes)
    *Usually around 10 - 45+ Players so it’s not always full!

+We also plan to purchase a 100 slot server this coming Friday!

Shame, that just makes it extremely easy for big groups to go raid other people’s bases. 10 C4 when it takes 2/3 to blow down a wood wall.

Any admins available that can restart the server? The issues Steam was having earlier ( are preventing people from logging in and playing.

The devs tweeted that the problem was fixed on Valve’s end, but server owners need to restart to fix on their end (

Any assistance is greatly appreciated, myself and a close friend just started playing here yesterday and we’re really enjoying ourselves.

Good community forming and the future looks bright!