Bear Grylls

It would be nice to have a Bear Grylls ragdoll to do some crazy “worst case senario” vids…and other various survival spoofs

Hell yeah, that would be badass.
Too bad I can’t model.

i can’t model but i can skin at an basic level…i more or less just need a face skin i don’t mind the default citizen jumpsuit. I have done a lot of shit for a game called Operation flashpoint. But the the texture mapping was totally different.

Put Bear in the HL2 “Rebel/Resistance” outfit. It’ll make him look more like a survival expert!

Where are all the pictures? High res( at least 800 X 600 but bigger is better) pictures are required showing front, side, and back.

Isn’t there a Man Vs. Wild game coming out soon?

bear grylls is the second coming of chuck norris and you all fucking know it

gunna go get some reference photos posted. dunno why i didn’t include them with my original post.

Here’s a reference photo:

i added some reference pics i found here…hope they help.

lol you wish

Bear Grylls is a complete showoff who does all of his stunts on camera and has crew members ready to assist him. I honestly don’t see why you would want a model of him when Les Stroud or Dave Canterbury are actual survivalists and know their shit.

that would be the beutyof having him as a model…so i can make a montage of failed survival attempts

when has bear ever failed at his attempts? we arent talking about the survival man guy are we?

Plus he’s ex-SAS. He goes into the arctic to kill Russains with heartbeat sensors and pick axes and jumps 100 meter chasms on a snowmobile.

really good references, perfect for modeling the head, and somebody can headhack it to a body :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t think he’s that skilled.

none watch the cameraman…he do the same thing of bear with camera on shoulders

someone model that badass camera man to!!

No one watches the cameraman because he’s the guy holding the bloody camera.

In an episode, the cameraman appears, it´s when they say “the best moment” of the show.