Bear hunt

guys u should make a gamemode where it spawns a npc bear on the map and the hunters have to find it and its randomly placed

first one to kill the bear wins

also i got a spare server for this 2 run on

+5* for making it a fretta gamemode

Somehow I doubt that you’re 29 years old.

But on a more related note, I’ve never seen a map that was large enough for a gamemode like this to last more than a few seconds (unless the bear is hiding in buildings or something)

just wanted to kills bears xD

anyway yeh buildings

“hey im nime leader of the TW group and i am friendly and nice but i can be a bitch so dont add me to ask for admin or to try to get summin from me and groups are ment to be seen not heard so dont go randomly inviting me to them”


I take it the TW group would be the ones hosting it then

make lots off blind spots like cliffs and stuff also have some logic to where the bear is like a frequent place such as a stream,cave, or animal dens also make it so if you get to close and the bear sees you it will attack
(variant make it so the bear is a random pc every time and it gets a minute to hide

How about, instead;

Dozens of bears spawn around the map
A team of hunters (Players) must stick together and hunt them all.
Players will have rifles which only fires two shots before they need reloading.
Bears can survive many shots before they die unless they are head shotted.
There are two opposing teams.
The team with the most Bear Hides wins.
The teams are against eachover, and can attack eachover. (Optional)

cool idea


I got an idea
What about you would get Points ( Kinda like kills )
you gain More points by shooting the right spot like

Headshot 3-point(S)
backlegs 1-point(S)
frontlegs 2-point(S)
chest 5-points(S)
Stormach 4-point(S)

also the rifles should be like thoose

also Map should be Big including

-Hunting Huts
-Forrest BIG forrest
-Maybe small town area where you should buy Hunting gear
-Shops ( in town area ) where you can sell skins and such