Bear meat, now able to cook...More points to health?

So Garry has stated on Twitter that we can now cook Bear meat.
Are we getting the usual chicken? Pork? What is the yield as well, I wonder if more (being that it is bear) will produce from cooking than the standard.
I have always thought that there should be a certain percentage of health gain based on the meat eaten. Could Bear finally give us a “super food”?

You ordered some Curry Chicken?

I dont see why any food should give you health bonus. Food should be for hunger only. Health packs / syringes are for increasing your health.

As pertaining to real life, certain foods have a higher calorie content as well as fat and carbohydrates,right? So, why couldn’t the effects be the same?
Chicken will only give you a % of health regen
Pork could contain a slightly higher %
Bear would be at the top with higher percentages.

This is not a bonus, this would be just how food works :dance:

Vegetarians would die?

Pumpkins ,Mushrooms,Berries & Korn !

i agree that certain meats giving more calories makes sense, but i’m not keen on directly buffing health.