Bear pelt crafting item and Bear rug to reduce step sounds on fountations (Item editor)

Made this crafting item:
Bear Pelt
*****Very rare drop when hatchting a bear
*****Allows you to craft a carpet that reduce walking sound

Bear Rug
*****a placeable item that works on metal and wood foundations
*****Craft with 1 bear pelt and 15 leather
*****reduce step sound when being walked on, make it harder to locate you inside your base

The model will look like that (example on wood foundation)

-The one who thought about the idea is “macfly”
-I did the icons and thought about crafting recipe and the getting way
-Thanks stym for the 3D model

If you can, please vote up! :slight_smile:

That’s a good one. Now if only it were portable and always made you silent haha.

I added your items to main items vote thread. I gave my vote for you items, good work!

You can see thread here

Thanks :), bump!

awesome idea. could also double as decor if ingame made to look like some type of fur or stay how it is looks great.

Bump! :slight_smile:

A simple yet elegant idea.

I want two “dumbs” on this bump too :slight_smile:

Can’t we just have shoes?

well, technically walking around barefooted in your house should be already less noisy than with kevlar boots (in real life, unfortunately not in the game) :smiley: maybe they could implement reduced noise for bare feet. This would also make being a freshspawn easier.

And shoes don’t do any sound?..i don’t think so.