I appreciate the bump because I was looking for this thread a few days ago and couldn’t find it with the search function.

I keep coming back to this idea and how it would (visually) reward players who don’t use their sleeping bags to teleport around the map. Currently there is no incentive not to use sleeping bags as teleporters-- but if using a bag/bed meant losing my beard… gosh, I think I’d just have walk!

Great suggestion, however, the rampant aimbotting that plagues this game would have to be rectified along with the implementation of this idea. The thought of losing my glorious beard to some unendowed botter is infuriating.

Just bein real.

I have around 400 hours in this game…I have been killed exactly 3 times by players.

I’m a sneaky bastard. being a solo player I have to be.

My beard would be very epic…dragging behind as I walk through rust.

I want mutton chops. I also want my character’s giant caveman dick to become erect on command.

alreayd been suggested several times. ther was a really long thread on the idea buried somewhere in the forums.

Is this the one?

Only been suggested like twice according to a search, and the other thread was started for just hair, like scalp hair, not beards.

However, Garry did post on that thread with an interesting tidbit:

Garry mentioned that?! Oh yes, that’s nice. I hope to see this feature in game on the future.

You shall not pass.

Don’t starve style. :smiley:
Can make clothes out of your beard would be fun feature make a ghillie at of your own beard or other peoples beards.

yes, just, just yes

I love the idea. The beard can grow with age, for each player kill you get a bead in your beard, allowing warriors to adorn themselves with simple symbols of successful battles and general badassery. You could even cut off the beards of those you’ve killed and hang them on your front door as a symbol for anyone that wants to mess with your base. I dont know about you, but if a guy had 30+ beards strung on his door, each covered in little red beads symbolizing the might of the victim and the suggested strength of the owner of the house, I might skip that one.
Only half kidding about that second idea :slight_smile:

Quote from Garry on the Trello Art: “Hair is another thing. We came up with the idea a long time ago that the player’s hair/beard would be an indication of how long they’ve survived. They’d be able to shave/style it - but most players would probably choose to keep it long, as status.

Good news.

The best news I’ve heard since Rust was born!

Lets do it! Seems pretty simple to add on.


This is going to be fairly difficult.
Is hair rigid, or does it react to gravity. How is it effected by a helmet?
Do you go full on beard/hair or do you allow players to shave/cut parts of their beards/hair?

Let alone the fact this is potentially bleeding edge. I don’t think I have ever heard of a game with hair growth, other than Don’t Starve and that isn’t 3d!

BUMP, can u plz implement this pleeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

Like that… will be fun to see who have the longer one :wink:

I’d love facial hair in game that’s as epic as mine is in real life. lol

But seriously, a beard that grows over time to show how long you’ve survived would be cool.

Gives people a reason not to suicide to their bags. It would be more difficult to regrow the beard than re-gear lost items.


For people who don’t care loosing there beard… what if they add some kind of experience point related to the beard lenght.
Like each half inch of beard lenght will add 10% more resource when farming rock and three… craft thing 10% faster too… to a maximun of 100% faster. So if you farm and craft at double speed you will think twice before you kill yourself and start at the beginning level.