Bears and Wolfs

So you buffed the 2 Predators and this is great the problem is people start bitching about them but why are they doing that because they are a Reasonable threat now the Point is. Everyone in new Rust and im sure this happend to all of you, You started to lose life, then noticed a Howling or a loud Rawwr and then you mostly likely already noticed that youre going to die.

Dont nerf them back instead work on a better audio for Animals in general and fix there movement and give people the ability to maybe not outrun them but something else to survive them, Maybe the torch could come in use Animals normally fear Fire

Sorry for the crap english but this kinda points out my Personal Oppinion

I agree. Before the buff, there was no challenge… Now, it takes some skill to kill them. If the Dev’s goal is the make the game as realistic as possible, then what they have done with the animals is more accurate. However, having better warning and more natural movement would be helpful. Animals do not fly up and down rocks or run thru the rocks, nor do they pass thru walls into bases. I get a lot of complains about people getting killed inside their bases by bears and wolves while logged off. I just suggest logging off on their second floor if they have one.

3 sniper bullet in the face to kill a bear it’s not normal lol

I agree. I have no problem with the animal’s hp or damage, I just hate how they seem to come out of nowhere. A little louder on the sound would be perfect.

I like a bit of a challenge from the wildlife but I have to admit I get a bit pissed off when I shoot a supersilent superfast wolf 3-4 times in the head and it still kills me. Not to mention the endless amount of bullets you can put in a bear’s head and it still fights on in it’s extremely dysfunctional, bouncing sort of way.

I always hunt bears with 100 wood and a building plan…

Foundation + Stairs = OP :slight_smile:

Nice idea, but it just shows the poor AI of these beasts.

yeah, but hunting platforms used to be the best way to trounce the rad animals too. just kite them with a bow, they run up, can’t hurt you and run away. rinse and repeat.

This works if you are planning to kill that bear outside your home but if you are just wandering around trying to find a nice place to build and a wolf comes out of nowhere you are fucked.

As long as you take it down, that would be ok on my server. I can just imagine hundreds of foundations and stairs everywhere lol. Too much clean up there :wink:

I put nine wooden spears in a bear and it didn’t die.

A bit fed up with the wolves and bears to be honest. At least 50% of my deaths are from these creatures, and they have a habit of showing up inside my base just when I’m geared up to do something interesting. I have all sorts of weaponry, but when they attack from inside a wall or rock it isn’t easy. Also a bit annoying to slash them four times with a machete or put five shots in their heads and they still carry on like nothing happened.

You Would be quite surprised how many bullets a bear could take to the head before dying in real life

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Bears can take quite the hit mate