Bears and Wolves Overpowered - and more

I’ve been playing Rust since legacy, however there is one thing that pisses me off…

The bears and wolves. Not only can they run faster than you forcing you to fight them, they no-clip through the terrain and it takes MULTIPLE rounds to kill one. Why should it take more than 1 bolt action shot to the freaking dome piece to lay one out? Seems like it takes about 3 bolt action shots to kill one. For new players they are pretty much impossible. If you’re going to have no clipping animals, at least make them weaker until you sort out the navigation.

Second thing that really grinds my gears is this lag. Why the heck should a computer with a 2GB 256-bit graphics card, 16GB of 1600 RAM, and quad core 3.8GHz AMD Phenom II be lagging on the second to lowest settings to the point where I have to restart the game after an hour of play? What the hell is not getting garbage collected to the point where the game is unplayable on such crap graphics after 1-2 hours?

Thank you for your time, if you were rekt by a bear or wolf please post your story below.

I never had problems with bears or wolfs. Neither in legacy, neither now.
Basically avoiding them helped me to survive. After getting a gun, it becomes pretty easy for me.

As for your PC, I don’t know.
I mean, I have a GTX 750, 8 GBs of Ram and a i5 4460 @ 3.20 GHZ and I am always above 60. Something might be wrong on your end.

Bearwolves are wonderful creatures and you should feel bad for hating them. Wolfbears though… fuck 'em.

I had a wolf camping my front door with a waterpipe, took everything man

A wolf?? that’s not a wolf, a dog would be the best comparison. With really big footprints for it’s body size :stuck_out_tongue:

And a wolf and a bear aren’t OP. A few months ago, you could kill both of them with one stroke (each of course) of a salvaged sword. Mostly avoiding them is the best option.

The only problem I’ve got with them is, they’re really poorly animated. If you fight one on one with a bear, you’re standing in the middle of the bear. The bear his breath is radiated, I think, because you’ll get wounded when a bear is within 2 or 3 m from you.
Like every other animal in Rust, they’re ghosts. They haven’t got a body mass. You can walk trough them, if they weren’t aggressive or run away (like the horses and the deer) And what I find really irritating is the fact that they can jump onto a rock 10 m high and fall back down again. But yes, it’s an alpha game. How long are they going to use this excuse?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

A wolf needs only few shots.
A bear needs 14 bolt, Ak or Thompson shots, or 7 arrows with a crossbow, or 3 spears (I’ve heard from a friend, I don’t know witch spear he used)
You can shoot them with less ammo, because their health reduces over time.

Bears and wolves only piss me off when they start hurting you when they are some distance away. This game should be playable on ping 200, but the only thing that keeps me off servers with ping higher than 20 is these animals. If you see one, you are probably already dead.

  1. Carry a foundation plan and at least 50 wood.
  2. Make a raised foundation and jump up on it.
  3. Shoot bears / wolves with ease.
  4. Profit.

don’t tell them everything :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

i joined Rust yesterday after months of break…saw a horse running away from me up a rock, through a rock and gone…

quit Rust again

Dont act like it was different a couple months ago.

of course it wasnt different…

Well atleast the timeline is thing for you…

Why can’t I shake the feeling that the OP’s complaints were supposed to amount to a “bring back zombies” type thread?